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ComputerTalk January/February 2019 The World of Pharmacy Edits

The World of Edits Pharmacy: Helping The Bottom Line

Smart pharmacies have been working hard to manage their submitted claims and track reimbursements for some time now, with a wide variety of claims...

Focus on Medicare and Medicaid Claims

The National Community Pharmacists Association’s (NCPA) Vice President of Pharmacy Policy and Regulatory Affairs Ronna Hauser, Pharm.D., offers insight into challenges that pharmacies are...
Caitlin Graham VP General Manager CoverMyMeds

Reducing Claim Rejects with Electronic Prior Authorization

According to CoverMyMeds Analytics, approximately 10% of prescription claims are rejected at the pharmacy. On average, 66% of those prescriptions require prior authorization (PA),...
PharmSaver 3 Steps to Buying Smart Brand Rebates

3 Steps to Buying Smart with Your Prime Vendor Agreement

Pharmacies focus a lot of attention on what they get paid for dispensing a medication, but it can be very important to the bottom...
Medicare Part D Opioid Safety Edits

CMS Part D Rules for Opioid Dispensing Safety Edits

New CMS Part D rules for opioid dispensing safety edits went into effect Jan. 1, which now require hard safety edits for seven-day initial...

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Pharmacy Voices

Marsha K. Millonig

In the Works: Major Change to the NDC Number

It may not be exciting or cutting-edge except to those of us in information technology, but the pharmaceutical supply chain and pharmacy profession’s operations...

Partnering to Educate Future Pharmacists

We both have young children. In the months leading up to their arrival, well-intentioned family and friends generously shared their advice and the experiences...

Why You Can – and Should – Establish a Collaborative Practice

Over the course of the year I've interviewed a number of pharmacists who have found ways to expand their practice beyond dispensing. One good...
Tomas Diaz SaluMed Pharmacy

Power of Integrated Pharmacy POS

Tomas Diaz, owner SaluMed Pharmacy, in Bay Shore, N.Y. had seen his business outgrow his homegrown POS system. With a high-volume front end and...
George Pennebaker, Pharm.D.

Worth Quoting

I WAS JUST GETTING A PRETTY GOOD IDEA about what to put in my next column when the fire began near our home. It got...