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Are you ready for CPESN? Five Key Services QS/1

Are you ready for CPESN? Five Key Services

CPESN — Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks — offer a promising way to differentiate yourself with both patients and payers. CPESN member pharmacies come together...
Improve Medication Adherence with BestRx

Improve Medication Adherence with BestRx

It comes as no surprise that the current state of the healthcare system in the United States has flaws. That aside, there remain highly...

Mevesi: Turning Your Pharmacy Data into Power

There is power in knowing. And you can further elevate your pharmacy business when you put knowledge to use to make informed decisions. Every...

Micro Merchant Named Pharmacy System of the Year

Micro Merchant Systems received the 2019 Software Company of the Year award from the American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA) for its PrimeRx system. The...
Datascan ComputerTalk Independent Community Pharmacy Percentage of the Market

Reinvent, Revolutionize, Empower: Together

Through the years we have seen industries and social groups band together seeking a common goal or objective, ultimately achieving success and progress. Why?...

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BestRx Pharmacy Delivery Trends

The Trends in Pharmacy Delivery

In this roundtable discussion, BestRx’s Hemal and Vikas Desai and Stephen Barnes discuss the direction that pharmacy delivery services are taking. Learn about the...
Tracking Health with Wearables

Remote Patient Monitoring: Pharmacy‘s Future?

THE ADVENT OF MULTIPLE DEVICES using Bluetooth technology to sync with a user’s smartphone has led to the widespread adoption of the internet of...
Datarithm inventory forecasting dashboard

It’s All in the History: An Introduction to Inventory Forecasting

STILL MANAGING INVENTORY MANUALLY? Are there still pharmacies relying on a single person to manage inventory manually?Does that person have a great deal of head...

2019 Chain Market Report

Chains, both national and regional, are aggressive users of technology in order to improve workflow and help the bottom line. In this year’s survey...

Hazardous Drugs: What a Retail Pharmacy Needs to Know Now

As we approach the December 1 implementation date for USP <800> hazardous drugs (HDs), there are some basic questions that independent pharmacists haven’t had...